5 Signs You Need a Snow Removal Service

removing snow after a blizzard

Snow is inevitable, no matter where you’re located in Canada. It’s beautiful to look at but it can be difficult to move off driveways, porches, and sidewalks. Keep reading to explore a few signs that professional snow removal service might be the best option to keep your residential or commercial property in the clear this year.

Driveways and Sidewalks are Extensive

Clearing the snow from long driveways, multiple sidewalks, and entryways can take hours out of your day following a major snow event. It’s not practical for working professionals and those needing to be well-rested for carrying out duties at work or home. A professional snow removal service can take care of the labor and leave you with easy access to both commercial and residential properties.

Snow Melts Down to Dangerous Levels of Ice

Leaving snow to gradually melt on its own is to put you, your family, employees, or customers at risk for a fall. Snow will melt and often refreeze as ice on all walkable and driveable surfaces. A better option is to have the snow removed after the storm and never fear liability when it comes to sidewalk and driveway safety. The experts at ProTouch Landscape will remove the problem before it becomes a serious issue.

Significant Snow Amounts are the Norm

Some areas receive more snow than others. Be as weather-aware as you can and know what the snow outlook is for your area. The higher the typical snowfall amounts are, the more you might want to consider hiring professional snow removal services. The difference in time and labor intensity as the levels of snow increase can become extraordinary. A few centimeters are very different from two-meters. How prepared are you to scoop tonnes of snow? ProTouch Landscape can provide a team to clear the snow fast.

Remove Snow Faster

The intense labor required of removing snow from sidewalks and entryways of your business can leave you and employees struggling to keep up with the pace of business. It can cause you to lose focus on why you opened for the day. Hiring a professional snow removal company gives you peace of mind that it’s done right and quickly. Avoid an aching back and make plans to bring in experts this year.

Customer Complaints

Major snow events can cause complete shutdowns of local businesses. Trying to tough it out without snow removal can lead to frustrating experiences by your customers. Vehicles can become stuck in the driveway, parking areas, or slick spots can cause fender benders on your property. Sidewalks made slick with ice and snow can lead to near-falls or falls causing injury. An unkempt property in the colder months will begin to affect the perception customers have of your business. Use professional snow removal to keep your property safe and easy to use.

If you’re located in Markham, Richmond Hill or Scarborough, contact us at ProTouch Landscape and find out more about our commercial snow removal before the weather sets in for the colder season.

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