What’s the Difference in Anti-icing and Deicing

difference between anti-icing and deicing

Methods and materials used for both deicing and anti-icing are useful in specific situations and snow storm events. Developing the right snow removal plan from ProTouch Landscape should include the possibility of using either under qualifying and necessary conditions. Flexibility will bring about the best results in getting and keeping your parking lots and driveways clear of ice and snow.

What is Deicing?

Salt and sand are the typical materials used to remove ice, or deice the property during and after a winter storm. Salt is effective to a point. When temperatures dramatically drop it can begin to lose the ability to keep up with the problem. Sand can prove costly in acquiring the material and in cleanup following the storm. Both sand and salt applications are viable methods of removing ice and snow in moderate to mild storms.

What is Anti-icing?

Products like calcium chloride and magnesium chloride can be added to pavement and sidewalks well ahead of a storm by ProTouch Landscape. The results will be less mess to deal with during and after the storm. It provides a barrier between the pavement and the snow or ice, which makes it difficult for the ice to stick around. The exothermic qualities allow a steady release of heat for fast melting. Magnesium chloride is less effective than calcium chloride, but the cost of the latter can make the magnesium product a more attractive option.

What are the Benefits of Deicing?

Deicing processes during snow removal in Ontario can be employed when storms hit with little warning. Less intense storms allow you to manage the build-up of ice and snow without taking extreme measures to prepare. Even under the toughest conditions, the larger storms without warning can leave you completely paralyzed without doing some level of snow and ice removal. although it might not be the perfect solution, it will make the final cleanup easier.

What are the Benefits of Anti-icing?

The steps taken for anti-icing are the most comprehensive possible in preparing for a winter storm in Markham and surrounding area. It’s the best route to take when you expect an intense storm that looks to drop a lot of snow. Pro Touch Landscape can spray the paved surfaces ahead of the storm to help create the needed barrier. You won’t have to be as concerned with the colder temperatures.

How to Design the Perfect Snow and Ice Removal Plan

At ProTouch Landscape, our snow and ice removal experts will help you design and implement the perfect removal plan before the bad weather comes. You can depend on getting the best advice to keep your property usable throughout the winter season.

Contact us at ProTouch Landscape to find out more about our snow removal services today. Don’t wait until the last minute to plan your method of deicing or adding the all-protective anti-icing materials. Avoid a complete shutdown due to snow and ice this year. You’ll be glad you took the time to plan your winter snow and ice removal strategy ahead of time.

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