How to Choose A Snow Removal Company

Tips for choosing a snow removal company

Choosing a good snow removal company can be a little overwhelming—especially if you own a commercial property where things aren’t as simple as a sidewalk and driveway. But spending a little time researching can mean avoiding unfortunate accidents and costly property damage. Here are a few key areas to keep in mind when looking around for a dependable snow removal company.

Get the details on the company’s services

A good company in any industry will explain to you what it is they offer. A good snow and ice removal business will be able to break down exactly what they’ll do for you and how they accomplish it. Don’t be shy here—you want as many details as possible. Here are a few examples questions to ask:

  • What areas will you clear and make accessible?
  • Do you use deicers?
  • What do you do with the excess snow you remove?
  • What kind of preventative measures do you perform?
  • Are your snow and ice removal services an add-on to other services you offer?
  • Do I need to call after a storm or will you come out without notice?

Make sure you understand exactly how the company operates and what they’re going to provide for your location.

Ask about their response times

After a winter storm, your property needs to be cleaned and accessible by the time business starts rolling. It doesn’t make much sense if your parking lot if still packed with ice during lunchtime. It’s a good idea to ask about the prospective business’s response times after a storm. Most good snow removal businesses will offer a guaranteed response time.

Make sure they’re properly insured

Snow and ice removal is inherently risky. The cold conditions coupled with low visibility at night can be treacherous. So, while it’s hopefully never necessary, a reliable snow removal company should have liability insurance in case they damage your property.

Many smaller companies cut corners here as the insurance can be pretty expensive. This is a good way to field the professionals from the less-established outfits and part-timers.

Find out about their equipment

Make sure you’re dealing with a professional company that uses proper commercial machines to do snow removal. You want a company that uses proper equipment, not a pickup truck with a plow attached to the front of it.

It’s also a good idea to ask about what kind of maintenance they do on their equipment and tools. You want to be looking for companies that have reliable and well-maintained equipment. The last thing you want is to be left out in the cold because the company you signed with has a snowplow stuck at the mechanic.

Ask about company safety

Safety should be a cornerstone of any respectable snow removal business. Given the conditions that these companies work in—and the cost of insurance—safety should be a top priority.

Ask about what kind of training programs their operators go through. They should be well-versed in navigating, working and driving in snow and ice, as well as how to safely and properly use their equipment. You can also get a good idea of where safety stands in a company by asking about the protective gear they wear. A well-equipped company is one that cares about safety.


Choosing a good snow removal company is a lot like choosing any other business—a company with a focus on quality work, timely responses, reliable machinery, and a focus on safety is going to be a good bet.

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