Choosing a good snow removal company can be a little overwhelming—especially if you own a commercial property where things aren’t as simple as a sidewalk and driveway. But spending a little time researching can mean avoiding unfortunate accidents and costly property damage. Here are a few key areas to keep in mind when looking around for a dependable snow removal company.

Get the details on the company’s services

A good company in any industry will explain to you what it is they offer. A good snow and ice removal business will be able to break down exactly what they’ll do for you and how they accomplish it. Don’t be shy here—you want as many details as possible. Here are a few examples questions to ask:

Make sure you understand exactly how the company operates and what they’re going to provide for your location.

Ask about their response times

After a winter storm, your property needs to be cleaned and accessible by the time business starts rolling. It doesn’t make much sense if your parking lot if still packed with ice during lunchtime. It’s a good idea to ask about the prospective business’s response times after a storm. Most good snow removal businesses will offer a guaranteed response time.

Make sure they’re properly insured

Snow and ice removal is inherently risky. The cold conditions coupled with low visibility at night can be treacherous. So, while it’s hopefully never necessary, a reliable snow removal company should have liability insurance in case they damage your property.

Many smaller companies cut corners here as the insurance can be pretty expensive. This is a good way to field the professionals from the less-established outfits and part-timers.

Find out about their equipment

Make sure you’re dealing with a professional company that uses proper commercial machines to do snow removal. You want a company that uses proper equipment, not a pickup truck with a plow attached to the front of it.

It’s also a good idea to ask about what kind of maintenance they do on their equipment and tools. You want to be looking for companies that have reliable and well-maintained equipment. The last thing you want is to be left out in the cold because the company you signed with has a snowplow stuck at the mechanic.

Ask about company safety

Safety should be a cornerstone of any respectable snow removal business. Given the conditions that these companies work in—and the cost of insurance—safety should be a top priority.

Ask about what kind of training programs their operators go through. They should be well-versed in navigating, working and driving in snow and ice, as well as how to safely and properly use their equipment. You can also get a good idea of where safety stands in a company by asking about the protective gear they wear. A well-equipped company is one that cares about safety.


Choosing a good snow removal company is a lot like choosing any other business—a company with a focus on quality work, timely responses, reliable machinery, and a focus on safety is going to be a good bet.

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Removing snow from your business property might seem like a harmless task, but there are hidden dangers you should keep in mind before cold weather hits. At ProTouch Landscaping, we offer affordable, professional snow removal that takes all safety concerns into consideration. Keep reading to learn a few helpful tips to keep your customers and employees safe this year.

Block Off Areas Being Cleared

The equipment needed to clear your property of snow can be heavy and difficult to move in a hurry. Be sure to block off entrances and exits closest to the area this equipment is being used to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Don’t Allow Large Snow Piles

Large piles of snow can contain hidden dangers. It might be hiding something like a fire hydrant or lead to major melting, ice, or flooding. Water damage can happen quickly when large mounds of snow are placed on the surface of concrete and asphalt parking lots.

Make Sure You Know Where Pedestrians and Cars are During Snow Removal

Make mental notes to identify the location of vehicles and pedestrian locations during major removal of snow. It may be impossible to completely shut down operations during the removal process, but you can count on Pro Touch Landscaping to do the job with minimal impact to your business.

Don’t Allow Employees to Overexert Using Shovels

Removing snow from walkways and entryways using shovels seems like a sensible enough plan, but overexertion by a vulnerable employee can lead to a medical emergency in a hurry. Keep your employees safe and hire experts like Pro Touch Landscaping.

Dress for Snow Removal Weather

Winter storms dropping centimeters of snow generally drop temperatures into the danger zone. Hypothermia can happen quickly when employees or business owners struggle to try and remove snow themselves. Make sure you dress in layers. Stay warm enough without causing sweat. Once your clothes become wet from sweat, hypothermia can set in without much warning.

Don’t Forget the Ice

A major snow fall brings in more than powdery white stuff. As soon as the air temperatures begin to climb the snow starts to melt. It will refreeze overnight into large areas of slippery ice. At Pro Touch Landscaping, we can help you plan for the removal of both snow and ice from any major storm. You can feel more confident in the safety of your property.

Hire Experts for Ultimate Safety

Removing snow is a tough job for nearly any business in the colder months. Avoid having things go wrong and accidents or injuries by hiring experts like ProTouch Landscaping. Using professional removal services frees up your time to keep operating your business seamlessly. You can count on fast, reliable service that keeps your driveways, parking areas, and sidewalks clear of snow and ice.

Call on us at ProTouch Landscaping in Markham and discuss a snow management plan today. The sooner you get the removal plan in place, the less you have to worry about when the snow flies.

Methods and materials used for both deicing and anti-icing are useful in specific situations and snow storm events. Developing the right snow removal plan from ProTouch Landscape should include the possibility of using either under qualifying and necessary conditions. Flexibility will bring about the best results in getting and keeping your parking lots and driveways clear of ice and snow.

What is Deicing?

Salt and sand are the typical materials used to remove ice, or deice the property during and after a winter storm. Salt is effective to a point. When temperatures dramatically drop it can begin to lose the ability to keep up with the problem. Sand can prove costly in acquiring the material and in cleanup following the storm. Both sand and salt applications are viable methods of removing ice and snow in moderate to mild storms.

What is Anti-icing?

Products like calcium chloride and magnesium chloride can be added to pavement and sidewalks well ahead of a storm by ProTouch Landscape. The results will be less mess to deal with during and after the storm. It provides a barrier between the pavement and the snow or ice, which makes it difficult for the ice to stick around. The exothermic qualities allow a steady release of heat for fast melting. Magnesium chloride is less effective than calcium chloride, but the cost of the latter can make the magnesium product a more attractive option.

What are the Benefits of Deicing?

Deicing processes during snow removal in Ontario can be employed when storms hit with little warning. Less intense storms allow you to manage the build-up of ice and snow without taking extreme measures to prepare. Even under the toughest conditions, the larger storms without warning can leave you completely paralyzed without doing some level of snow and ice removal. although it might not be the perfect solution, it will make the final cleanup easier.

What are the Benefits of Anti-icing?

The steps taken for anti-icing are the most comprehensive possible in preparing for a winter storm in Markham and surrounding area. It’s the best route to take when you expect an intense storm that looks to drop a lot of snow. Pro Touch Landscape can spray the paved surfaces ahead of the storm to help create the needed barrier. You won’t have to be as concerned with the colder temperatures.

How to Design the Perfect Snow and Ice Removal Plan

At ProTouch Landscape, our snow and ice removal experts will help you design and implement the perfect removal plan before the bad weather comes. You can depend on getting the best advice to keep your property usable throughout the winter season.

Contact us at ProTouch Landscape to find out more about our snow removal services today. Don’t wait until the last minute to plan your method of deicing or adding the all-protective anti-icing materials. Avoid a complete shutdown due to snow and ice this year. You’ll be glad you took the time to plan your winter snow and ice removal strategy ahead of time.

Snow is inevitable, no matter where you’re located in Canada. It’s beautiful to look at but it can be difficult to move off driveways, porches, and sidewalks. Keep reading to explore a few signs that professional snow removal service might be the best option to keep your residential or commercial property in the clear this year.

Driveways and Sidewalks are Extensive

Clearing the snow from long driveways, multiple sidewalks, and entryways can take hours out of your day following a major snow event. It’s not practical for working professionals and those needing to be well-rested for carrying out duties at work or home. A professional snow removal service can take care of the labor and leave you with easy access to both commercial and residential properties.

Snow Melts Down to Dangerous Levels of Ice

Leaving snow to gradually melt on its own is to put you, your family, employees, or customers at risk for a fall. Snow will melt and often refreeze as ice on all walkable and driveable surfaces. A better option is to have the snow removed after the storm and never fear liability when it comes to sidewalk and driveway safety. The experts at ProTouch Landscape will remove the problem before it becomes a serious issue.

Significant Snow Amounts are the Norm

Some areas receive more snow than others. Be as weather-aware as you can and know what the snow outlook is for your area. The higher the typical snowfall amounts are, the more you might want to consider hiring professional snow removal services. The difference in time and labor intensity as the levels of snow increase can become extraordinary. A few centimeters are very different from two-meters. How prepared are you to scoop tonnes of snow? ProTouch Landscape can provide a team to clear the snow fast.

Remove Snow Faster

The intense labor required of removing snow from sidewalks and entryways of your business can leave you and employees struggling to keep up with the pace of business. It can cause you to lose focus on why you opened for the day. Hiring a professional snow removal company gives you peace of mind that it’s done right and quickly. Avoid an aching back and make plans to bring in experts this year.

Customer Complaints

Major snow events can cause complete shutdowns of local businesses. Trying to tough it out without snow removal can lead to frustrating experiences by your customers. Vehicles can become stuck in the driveway, parking areas, or slick spots can cause fender benders on your property. Sidewalks made slick with ice and snow can lead to near-falls or falls causing injury. An unkempt property in the colder months will begin to affect the perception customers have of your business. Use professional snow removal to keep your property safe and easy to use.

If you’re located in Markham, Richmond Hill or Scarborough, contact us at ProTouch Landscape and find out more about our commercial snow removal before the weather sets in for the colder season.

Effective snow removing budgets are ones set based on several factors that are different for every business. Not every business needs to have services come out after each measurable snowfall. Keep reading to discover a few important considerations to help prepare for the snow.

How Much Snow Can You Realistically Expect?

Not every area of the country gets the same amount of snow each year. Every winter season can bring a different result in total precipitation. The best way to plan a budget for snow removal is to gain an understanding of how much snow typically needs to be removed.

Snow Tolerance and the Landscape

How well are you, employees, and customers able to drive and walk over your property after a winter storm? It can get costly to hire snow removal company for smaller amounts in a brief storm. Find your comfort level and make your plans based on amounts that make it difficult to motivate and get things done. Each property is different, and some are easier to move around on with a few centimeters of snow.

Local Snow Removal Bylaws

An important consideration when planning your snow clearance budget is your local bylaws for the driveway, parking area, and sidewalk snow removal. Markham, which is part of York region, might have different bylaws than the Toronto area, for example. Some areas require the snow to be cleared from walkways and other areas within 24-hours after a storm. How much snow is too much to scoop without the help of ProTouch Landscaping?

Would You Be Able to Limit Access to Save Money?

Reducing your need for extensive snow removal services is one way to lower your budget. Consider limiting building access to two doors, rather than four. Block off a portion of the parking lot, which will keep you from having to pay to remove snow from the entire area. It is a great way ProTouch Landscaping can help you keep your budget at a reasonable level.

Plan for 5 Snow Events as a Minimum

Knowing how much snow your area will get each year is nothing short of a guessing game. Some years bring more snow than others. A good rule to follow when setting aside a snow clearance budget is to plan for at least five snow events large enough to require services.

Consider Brine Pre-Treatment to Save Money

Salt pre-treatment is not a process that keeps you from needing snow clearance service. It helps melt snow and make the cleaning faster, easier, and less costly. You’ll enjoy easier access to your business in less time.

Keep Extra Funds in the Budget for Next Year

It is a wonderful thing if you can make it through the winter months and still have money left in your snow clearing budget. Rather than spending it in another area of your business, try keeping it in the budget to give yourself a break for next year. You will already be set for the first storm.

Contact us at ProTouch Landscape and begin planning your budget for commercial snow removal today.

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