Snow Removal Markham

Get the Commercial Snow Removal Markham Businesses Find Dependable

The harsh winter months make the need to hire reliable commercial snow removal an important part of routine business operations. Constant shovelling can be wearing and take you away from handling your normal business affairs. Get the professional help you need to keep your sidewalks, driveways, and parking areas clear.

Don't Let Snow Pile Up In Your Parking Areas

Large snowstorms in Markham can lead to meters of snow piled up in areas normally reserved for employee and customer parking. It can put a crimp in your business in a hurry. Heavy amounts of snow also undergo melting during the heat of the day, which turns to ice as temperatures drop at night. Your parking lot and entryways become impossible to enter or leave safely. You need a timely snow removal company capable of removing large amounts of snow in a hurry.

Keep Sidewalks Clear

Sidewalk safety is one detail to never overlook during periods of snow and ice. One slip-and-fall injury can cost your business in unneeded litigation. At Pro Touch Landscaping, we send sidewalk crews to your location to clear the snow, remove any ice build-up, and keep your walkways safe to travel.

We'll Install Salt Bins for Ice Management

No matter how large your retail, commercial, and industrial business is, we will install salt bins to ensure the product is available to keep your property easy to access and get work done. You won't have to shut down to wait for the material to be sent to your location. It'll be positioned in an area that's out of your way, but easy to get to when needed.

Why Choose Pro Touch Landscaping for Snow Removal Markham?

Pro Touch Landscaping has been offering reliable, trustworthy Markham snow removal services since 1999. Our dependable snow removal team is ready to service your snow removal needs for a one-time job, or the entire snow season. Give us a call today and stay prepared for the coming cold weather.

Snow Plow Services

  • Snow plowing
  • Snow removal & relocation
  • Side walk crews
  • Salt applications
  • Ice melt products and applications
  • Salt bins on location
  • Commercial snow plowing
  • Industrial snow plow
  • Retail snow plow
Snow Services

We service Markham, Unionville, Thornhill, Richmond Hill and Scarborough. We will travel all over York Region and the GTA for certain jobs. Ask us if your location fits in our service area.
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