7 Tips for Winter Snow Removal Safety

top tips for snow removal safety

Removing snow from your business property might seem like a harmless task, but there are hidden dangers you should keep in mind before cold weather hits. At ProTouch Landscaping, we offer affordable, professional snow removal that takes all safety concerns into consideration. Keep reading to learn a few helpful tips to keep your customers and employees safe this year.

Block Off Areas Being Cleared

The equipment needed to clear your property of snow can be heavy and difficult to move in a hurry. Be sure to block off entrances and exits closest to the area this equipment is being used to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Don’t Allow Large Snow Piles

Large piles of snow can contain hidden dangers. It might be hiding something like a fire hydrant or lead to major melting, ice, or flooding. Water damage can happen quickly when large mounds of snow are placed on the surface of concrete and asphalt parking lots.

Make Sure You Know Where Pedestrians and Cars are During Snow Removal

Make mental notes to identify the location of vehicles and pedestrian locations during major removal of snow. It may be impossible to completely shut down operations during the removal process, but you can count on Pro Touch Landscaping to do the job with minimal impact to your business.

Don’t Allow Employees to Overexert Using Shovels

Removing snow from walkways and entryways using shovels seems like a sensible enough plan, but overexertion by a vulnerable employee can lead to a medical emergency in a hurry. Keep your employees safe and hire experts like Pro Touch Landscaping.

Dress for Snow Removal Weather

Winter storms dropping centimeters of snow generally drop temperatures into the danger zone. Hypothermia can happen quickly when employees or business owners struggle to try and remove snow themselves. Make sure you dress in layers. Stay warm enough without causing sweat. Once your clothes become wet from sweat, hypothermia can set in without much warning.

Don’t Forget the Ice

A major snow fall brings in more than powdery white stuff. As soon as the air temperatures begin to climb the snow starts to melt. It will refreeze overnight into large areas of slippery ice. At Pro Touch Landscaping, we can help you plan for the removal of both snow and ice from any major storm. You can feel more confident in the safety of your property.

Hire Experts for Ultimate Safety

Removing snow is a tough job for nearly any business in the colder months. Avoid having things go wrong and accidents or injuries by hiring experts like ProTouch Landscaping. Using professional removal services frees up your time to keep operating your business seamlessly. You can count on fast, reliable service that keeps your driveways, parking areas, and sidewalks clear of snow and ice.

Call on us at ProTouch Landscaping in Markham and discuss a snow management plan today. The sooner you get the removal plan in place, the less you have to worry about when the snow flies.

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