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Landscape services include:


CuttingAs the intensity of summer heat changes during the growing season, so will the rate at which your lawn grows, therefore it's necessary to change the frequency of cutting.  Proper cutting techniques are absolutely essential to an Ecology Friendly Lawn.

In the spring you will have the most growth and so the lawn needs to be cut more often.  However, we take care to ensure it's not cut too short which can create browning of the grass.  Keeping our blades sharp allow for clean cuts which is also important because dull blades can make the lawn look brown.

Bagging the grass is required if the lawn is past a certain length, however if done at the right time, mulching can be done, which is an ecology friendly option to bagging and can aid to the overall health of your lawn.

Garden beds

Garden bedsWe help keep your garden beds in healthy shape by turning the beds and providing the proper application to the beds at end of season so they are in optimal condition in the spring for growing new plants, flowers, etc. Removing weeds, and twigs and then applying a cover crop to your garden in the fall will great greatly beneficial to the growth of healthy crops in the spring.

Maintenance throughout the year keeps your garden healthy and looking beautiful through spring, summer and fall seasons.  We can plan flowers, perennials, annuals, and bushes.

Edging & weed removal

EdgingEdging your lawn helps keep a very clean cut finishing touch to your property.  When doing any landscaping, it's important to have it done completely.  A freshly cut lawn doesn't look as good if it is not trimmed along fences and edged along walkways, etc.

Weed removal is also another concern for everyone.  Removing existing weeds and provided proper care using environmentally safe methods in preventative weed control greatly enhances the look of your lawn.

Staying on top of weed control with regular maintenance not only keeps it looking good, but reducing the amount of work that needs to be done each time by not having to remove as many existing weeds.

Trimming bushes

Trimming bushesBushes can add to the privacy and beautifying of your property, but without proper maintenance, they can get out of control and look like more of an eye sore.

We remove all debris at the end of every job, leaving your property looking clean and beautiful.

Here at "ProTouch" we take the needs of our customers seriously. Have your property maintained and designed by educated professionals.

We offer competitive rates for landscaping!

Other services we offer to maintain your property throughout the season include: programs for weekly lawn cutting; garden bed maintenance including edging, weeding and cultivating of soil, pruning of bushes, spring and fall clean ups. "ProTouch" always leaves your property looking fabulous with a final blowing of debris off of patios, walkways, and driveways

Sodding and soil delivery is also available to assist those lawns in need of repair.

Snow Plow Services

  • Snow plowing
  • Snow removal & relocation
  • Side walk crews
  • Salt applications
  • Ice melt products and applications
  • Salt bins on location
  • Commercial snow plowing
  • Industrial snow plow
  • Retail snow plow
Snow Services

We service Markham, Unionville, Thornhill, Richmond Hill and Scarborough. We will travel all over York Region and the GTA for certain jobs. Ask us if your location fits in our service area.
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