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Lawn care goes beyond just cutting the grass.  At "ProTouch" we take pride in doing professional trimming and edging as well as removing weeds, and working at getting your lawn to a beautiful green colour.

"ProTouch" always leaves your property looking fabulous with a final blowing of debris off of patios, walkways, and driveways

We also remove unwanted trees and bushes.

Lawn cutting service

LawnAs the intensity of summer heat changes during the growing season, so will the rate at which your lawn grows, therefore it's necessary to change the frequency of cutting.  Proper cutting techniques are absolutely essential to an Ecology Friendly Lawn.

In the spring you will have the most growth and so the lawn needs to be cut more often.  However, we take care to ensure it's not cut too short which can create browning of the grass.  Keeping our blades sharp allow for clean cuts which is also important because dull blades can make the lawn look brown.

Bagging the grass is required if the lawn is past a certain length, however if done at the right time, mulching can be done, which is an ecology friendly option to bagging and can aid to the overall health of your lawn.

Spring and fall cleanup

During our fall cleanup services, we remove all branches, leaves, and other debris to keep your property looking great and to prepare it for a long cold winter.  We haul away everything cleaned up for you.  This is important because fungai material can survive throughout winter if a proper fall cleanup is not done.  So in having a fall cleanup done, you have set the stage and prepared to take on spring with a spring cleanup.

During our spring cleanup, we remove any branches, leaves and other debris accumulated over winter and we haul away all the debris from your property.  Each customer may have different needs, but we can include, same as fall cleanup services.  Lawn, bed and edging trench cleanup.  Shrub pruning, inspection of plant materials, replacement of dead plant materials, weed control application,  and mulching of beds.

Power raking & dethatching

Part of lawn maintenance that ProTouch Landscape Inc. does is power raking, which, as the name implies, rakes your lawn, just as you would manually by hand, but uses a lawn mower sized (or larger) machine with roto-tiller like blades.  It makes the job go faster but also does a much better job pulling up dead grass by raking the surface of the lawn.

Dethatching is the same machine as power raking, using the same process, but with different blades which dig deeper into the soil, tearing up the grass and making more of a mess to cleanup.

Thatch is a build-up of organic matter which can include, dead grass leaves, stems, stolons, rhizomes and overcrowded grass roots and lateral weed growth. Thatch can stifle the growth and health of grass or turf. Removing the thatch helps the grass by encouraging it to thicken up and also makes it stronger and less susceptible to disease. Reducing thatch levels increases the levels of water, air and nutrients that can get through to the root zone of the grass plants. Significant thatch problems in lawns can cause diseases and can encourage moss to grow in the areas where grass has died. A by-product of scarifying or de-thatching is that moss is also removed, and depending on how deep the scarifying blades are set, root cutting can also occur, and this in turn helps grass to thicken up over time. Scarifying is normally carried out in autumn or spring. When scarifying or de-thatching not all thatch should be removed as a small amount of thatch is beneficial to the lawn. A lawn that has excessive thatch may feel spongy when trod upon. After removing thatch, it can be swept or raked up using a lawn sweeper

Sod laying and seeding

Sod layingWe can just deliver, or both deliver and lay sod for you.  Many times new sod is required when starting a new lawn and don't want to wait for grass seed to fill in, or if you have an existing lawn which is in such bad shape, you would rather get an instant fix than wait through the repair process.

Laying new sod is much faster than seeding or re-seeding, but is much more expense.  It depends on your situation.  If you do decide to lay sod, you need to be sure you get the right type of sod for your location.  ProTouch Landscape Inc. can help with this from the selection process all the way through to installation and ongoing maintenance.

Seeding and re-seeding can be done as needed throughout the season.  We can help thicken your lawn, repair damaged spots or regrow grass in areas where there was none or where some really bad spots where removed.  It is important to not only use seed properly but also to use good quality soil.  If you have poor soil as a base, this may require tearing up your lawn to put a good oil base, then it is possible to reuse your existing sod if it is repairable.

Soil delivery is also something we do if you are interested in doing the work yourself but just need the right soil delivered to your location.


AerationAeration commonly refers to the process of using mechanized equipment to either puncture the soil with spikes (spike aeration) or remove approximately 1"X2" cores of soil from the ground (core aeration). Aeration may be overlooked when trying to restore a lawn but is vital to bring it back to health. It improves drainage and reduces formation of puddles.

Spike aeration involves the use of an aeration machine with spikes up to a foot or more in length. It is sometimes used to address drainage issues in areas with turf. Core aeration is done on turf areas as a means of reducing turf compaction, reducing thatch build-up, improving the infiltration of water/nutrients, and creating an environment where grass seed can have direct contact with the soil.

There are many types of lawn aerators including walk behind models, ride on versions and tractor pulled versions.

Snow Plow Services

  • Snow plowing
  • Snow removal & relocation
  • Side walk crews
  • Salt applications
  • Ice melt products and applications
  • Salt bins on location
  • Commercial snow plowing
  • Industrial snow plow
  • Retail snow plow
Snow Services

We service Markham, Unionville, Thornhill, Richmond Hill and Scarborough. We will travel all over York Region and the GTA for certain jobs. Ask us if your location fits in our service area.
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